Rail operators across the globe trust XRAIL to deliver end-to-end engineering solutions and services, from highly specialized consulting to turnkey project delivery.

Our expertise is applied on maintenance, performance improvement and obsolescence management projects for existing railways and the design, installation, and testing & commissioning of new railways. We develop robust implementation programmes, anticipating and circumventing issues which might otherwise cause deviations to time or budget.

We provide services to clients whether they be main line rail or metro systems where ever they are in the world. XRAIL has the flexibility to offer support in delivering packages of work as part of a contract, to provide resources at every level, or to operate in a project management consultancy.

Our international network of engineers and managers provides a combination of decades of industry experience, up-to-date acumen and a deep understanding of the implications of working in different countries and within different cultures. This means our consultants can meld seamlessly with client teams, working collaboratively to get the job done. This is XRAIL’s partnership approach, working closely with clients to understand their requirements, building fair, open relationships which enable efficient programme delivery. We are committed to remaining accessible to clients at all times, a policy which enables issues to be dealt with as they arise. We believe it’s this sense of collective thinking which makes XRAIL people so special – effective and decisive leaders who listen and understand before they react.

This partnership approach extends to our suppliers – the best engineers and managers in the industry. They offer technical, management and supervisory expertise based on decades of experience, coupling this with up to date knowledge of the latest systems and their applications.

In an industry which demands constant improvement whilst maintaining a safe operational status, XRAIL is strongly focused on delivery – even in the midst of organisational change. It is a point of principle that we strive to deliver in the most efficient manner possible, maintaining close working relationships with, but at the same time independence from, major manufacturers. In this way we can recommend and deliver the best solution to clients.

We believe passionately in beating our clients’ expectations through strong leadership and an uncompromising, clear-cut attitude towards delivering safety through the right quality on time and to budget.

Our people are experts in their own fields and have worked together in teams for various projects with different scales and complexity. We understand the importance of changing team and cultural behaviours in order to improve performance. We deliver efficiency and look for opportunities to best serve our clients’ needs, to do things better and smarter.

We have extensive knowledge of railway products; combined with our independence this means we can work effectively with other suppliers to the rail industry, original equipment manufacturers and railway operating administrations.

Overall, XRAIL’s ultimate objective is “Engineering Railways to Reality”.

Munir Patel

Managing Director, XRAIL Group