Our structural monitoring services are guaranteed to provide not only peace of mind, convenience and significant cost savings but also a valuable tool during the construction process.

Quite simply, through structural monitoring we can help you to predict certain problems, preventing situations from becoming critical and reducing time, costs and risk in the process.

Whilst this is not an exhaustive list, such services include…

Pressure monitoring

Whilst having numerous other applications, our completely wireless hydraulic pressure monitoring transducers are most frequently connected to hydraulic props used on deep basement excavations. These sensors emit an analogue signal that is converted to digital via a series of acquisition modules before being automatically transmitted to our secure off-site server.

Should a sensor go ‘out of bounds’ or show an error, an immediate SMS text alert is sent to a of designated mobile numbers. Similarly, an email is also sent the instant an alert is reported keeping both our engineers and the client completely informed.

Tilt and displacement monitoring

Our wireless tilt monitoring systems can be used to measure the response of structures to influences such as loading, settlement or subsidence. The accuracy and insight that these techniques provide has proved invaluable to clients needing to monitor large structures such as bridges, dams, tower cranes and party or retaining walls.

This revolutionary structural monitoring technology is constantly being used by The XRAIL Group to great effect, dramatically improving reliability and accuracy of results as well as reducing the cost of structure monitoring for our clients.

Structure target monitoring

Using the very latest in total station technology our regularly updated fleet of structural monitoring instruments allows operatives to employ a diverse range of techniques to monitor movement across the broad spectrum of construction and engineering.

For when large numbers of measurements need to be taken within a short period of time it is often possible (and more practical) to install an automated total station structural monitoring system. Purchased specifically for this purpose, The XRAIL Group uses the Trimble S8 and Leica TCRP 1201, the most accurate total stations on sale today.

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