Gone are the days when a developer or land owner can simply cut down a ‘nuisance’ tree, removing the problem in the easiest way. Tree surveys are rapidly become an important consideration on almost every development.

Both tree surveys and arboricultural reports are frequently required to satisfy the relevant authorities that your project is sensitive to trees on or adjacent to your site.

With authorities, businesses and individuals becoming ever more eco-conscious, every tree is valued and must be protected wherever possible. The XRAIL Group performs tree surveys and arboricultural reports right across the UK to clients ranging from single home owners to large house builders and major civil and railway engineering contractors.

Whilst not an exhaustive list, our most commonly procured services include…

Stage 1

  • BS5837 Tree Surveys
  • Tree Constraints Plans

Stage 2

  • Arboricultural Implications Assessments
  • Arboricultural Method Statements
  • Tree Protection Plans

Although our offices are in Liverpool we have tree surveyors based right around the UK. Not only does this mean that we have nationwide coverage, it also means that we can offer almost the same price for a tree survey in London (or other similarly expensive areas) as we can in Manchester, Birmingham or Leeds.

Price is obviously a significant factor for all our clients, large and small, and we pride ourselves in offering a first class service for an equally good price. That said we place great importance on constantly investing in the very latest technology and training to make sure that our tree surveyors are able to complete your tree survey as cheaply, quickly and with as little fuss as possible.

Tree surveys for planning

Local authorities throughout the UK have a duty under law to protect trees within their region and, as a result, will almost always request a BS5837 tree survey before they will take your planning application any further. As with ecology surveys, a local planning authority is not allowed to proceed without first receiving all relevant survey data.

The reason for this is simple. Whether large or small, a simple extension to your house or a new-build industrial estate, your development just might have the potential to adversely affect those trees around it. And it’s not just trees within your property line that could rear their ugly heads. Did you know that all trees and other vegetation anywhere up to 10m of your property also have the potential to put a hold to your scheme?

Tree surveys for health and safety

In large parks, commercial sites, public areas or gardens the danger from overhanging, diseased or otherwise dangerous trees should not be underestimated. Private individuals and public organisations alike have a duty to inspect trees within their property for illness and other potentially hazardous weaknesses lest they fall and cause damage to property or, more crucially, people. We offer specialist health and safety tree surveys to identify and remedy problems before they become an issue.

Tree surveys for lending or mortgages

Generally found with older properties, mortgage lenders will frequently request a BS5837 tree survey be carried out where there is the potential for a tree to cause damage to the property being purchased. Whether that’s due to the intrusion of roots or from overhanging branches or the risk of falling, we offer specialist mortgage and insurance tree surveys for precisely this purpose.

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The XRAIL Group offer a full arboricultural consultancy service with just one element being the basic tree survey.

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