At the forefront of 3D modelling in the UK, our professional laser scanning survey teams produce three-dimensional building and structure models that deliver previously unimaginable levels of information, detail and accuracy.

From three-dimensional surveys of structures and BIM models to 3D walk-throughs and visual impact assessments, our laser scanning services are delivered efficiently, on time and on budget with deliverables (2D, 3D or BIM) being tailored to suit each client’s requirements.

Topographic surveys. elevations, sections, 3D and TIN models are just some of the products that can be derived from the cloud. All line work is produced meticulously in AutoCAD format with the end result being an incredibly accurate, flawless product. The precision and value of these scans cannot be overstated.

Not only has laser scanning expanded improved the accuracy of surveyors’ deliverables, it has dramatically reduced the time it takes to deliver a large, complex building or structural survey…

  Key benefits

  •   Ideal for surveying hazardous or hard to reach areas such as motorways, dangerous structures, confined spaces and railways
  •   A vast array of applications from as-built modelling and clash detection to BIM model production, asset management and more
  •   Collect a much larger bank of data in greater detail and in far less time than traditionally possible – ideal for time-critical or limited access sites
  •   The quantity of highly accurate data collected improves decision making, allowing further measurements to be carried out without the need for revisits
  •   Provides high resolution, high definition data, ideal for the production of stunning 3D models, walk-throughs, virtual reality environments, site visualisations and more
  •   Reduces the time required on site leading to less downtime, fewer revisits and reduced risk
  •   Wide range of deliverables tailored to the specific requirements of each client or project


Embankment modelling, topographic surveys, crime scene recording, volume calculations, 3D walk through models and visual impact assessments for controversial new builds… these are just a few of the potential applications for laser scanning.

Whilst by no means an exhaustive list, HDS – otherwise known as High Definition Surveying – is ideally suited to…

  • Topographical, measured building and as-built surveys
  • Surveys of limited access or hazardous areas
  • Building Information Modelling (BIM)
  • Volume surveys and engineering calculations
  • Accident, forensic and crime scene investigation
  • Heritage, insurance and archaeological recording
  • Virtual reality models, site visualisations, 3D walk-through models and more
  • Health and safety training models, site inductions and training
  • Architectural, restoration and conservation surveys
  • Fire risk assessments, modelling and escape planning
  • Structural and land deformation monitoring
  • Film, TV or events (planning or visual effects purposes)

Why 3D laser scanning?

A far cry from the fledgling technology of yesteryear, the modern process of laser scanning is rapidly becoming the norm for high accuracy surveying. Whilst more traditional techniques still have a part to play, 3D laser scanning instruments are increasingly being used to complement or even replace more established technologies in an ever increasing range of scenarios.

Using cutting edge equipment, our surveyors are able to collect a vast amount of highly accurate data in the form of a point cloud. Exactly as it sounds, the ‘point cloud’ is a collection of many thousands of individual 3D, coordinated points generated by the laser passing over a variety of surfaces.

Due to the speed at which it can be recorded, this technology adds genuine value to situations where either time or access is limited. Surveyors working in hazardous environments, for example, can collect the information they require quickly with minimal exposure to risk. From a safety standpoint laser scanning can allow surveyors to collect previously unimaginable levels of detail, often without having to physically access a potentially hazardous area. Awnings can be surveyed without the need for access equipment, busy motorways and railway cuttings can be measured without ever putting personnel into harms way.

Once collected, the information can then be imported into a wide variety of data processing and manipulation software designed to turn that data into a visually appealing and meaningful deliverable. From simple two and three-dimensional drawings to virtual reality models, 3D fly/walk-throughs and more, the quality and flexibility of the data generated by this process can not be overstated.


  •   Wireframe models
  •   2D and 3D drawings including plans, sections, profiles and elevations
  •   Highly detailed topographic plans
  •   BIM (Building Information Modelling) models
  •   User-manipulated panoramic, photographic models
  •   Beautifully rendered fly-through and walk-through models
  •   Fully immersive virtual reality models
  •   Site visualisations clearly showing how a site/structure will look upon completion

Specialist heritage scanning

A revolution in the field of heritage recording, 3D laser scanning is perfect for capturing large amount of data (measurement data, texture, colour etc.) that can be used to generate highly accurate as-built condition surveys of historic structures and objects.

Ideal for both external and internal modelling, our fleet of laser scanning instruments provides surveys of unprecedented detail and precision with fieldwork completed quickly and with the minimum of inconvenience.

In a heritage context this technology can be used for a variety of applications including the production of 3D models for…

  • The production fire risk assessments
  • The production of fire evacuation plans for both people and historic artifacts
  • Structure and asset recording for insurance purposes
  • The production of virtual reality models for educational, entertainment, safety, training and recording purposes
  • The satisfaction of quinquennial inspection requirements – dramatically speeding up and reducing the cost of these critical surveys

Our clients range from individual property owners and custodians to the National Trust with a range of services tailored to each.

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