With the UK’s rail network undergoing its most significant period of development since the 1800s, now more than ever the importance of regular and frequent track monitoring has come to the fore.

We are one of the UK’s leading and trusted providers of railway track monitoring. XRAIL Group have been working on track monitoring projects for over 17 years. We offer manual and automated monitoring systems that alert you immediately should any track alterations happen so you can act swiftly to address any issues.

Using our expertise, knowledge and state of the art equipment we can detect changes in twist, cant or settlement which may not be easy to diagnose alone. Therefore we can avoid any issues that could cost you time, man hours, money and reputation.

Working in accordance with Network Rail Standards NR/L2/TRK/3100 and NR/L2/CIV/177, we operate throughout the country. We deliver high-accuracy, cost-effective track monitoring data which we analyse and explain to our clients.

We work with the UK’s most recognisable firms, providing flexibility, responsiveness and accurate track monitoring service.

From custom-made aluminium targets paired with one-second total stations to fully automated, remote monitoring systems feeding back data in real time, our dedicated track monitoring systems deliver reliable, precision measurement data direct to stakeholders, thereby ensuring the continued operation of the railway.


All railway track monitoring projects depend on a stable monitoring location. We build concrete pillars where possible. Our survey system checks the position of this survey station prior to each set of monitoring readings. This updates the geospatial position so even an unstable monitoring point will still produce good results:

  • Stable monitoring pillars contracted to minimise errors
  • 24 hours a day railway track monitoring (two or three surveyors working in rotation)
  • Hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or ad hoc measurements can be taken
  • Real time automated solutions are available
  • Using latest Leica TM50 robotic total stations for accuracy and efficiency

Monitoring visits are manned by experienced surveyors with systems set up to provide checks on potential observational errors. Our railway tracking monitoring team is fully aware of the speed restriction / line blocking implications of track movement.


The following data for your railway track monitoring will always be provided with accuracy.

  • Real time movement reports
  • Onsite spreadsheet analysis (X, Y, Z changes)
  • 3D DXF of rail alignment changes
  • Isopachyte contours for surface deviations (in ‘mm’ or ‘m’ depending on areas covered)
  • 3D scan clouds for complex surfaces

Track monitoring results are automatically emailed to you when required, results and other relevant documentation are uploaded to our fully secure, encrypted monitoring portal. Each stakeholder has their own unique access credentials ensuring that they only receive the information they need.

We provide real time railway track monitoring results by site, date and time available online for our clients.

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