One of the UK’s largest and most respected land surveying companies, each year The XRAIL Group completes hundreds of precision topographic surveys for a broad range of clients.

From architects and builders to primary rail contractors and utility suppliers. Our precision topographical land surveys deliver real, measurable value to our clients’ projects. Helping them manage, develop and understand their sites and the information they generate.

It’s no wonder that so much of our work is based upon repeat business.

Flexible, focused and bespoke

We understand that every project, site and client is different. Also our clients expectations of what a topographic survey should can be different too. Therefore, before we take on a project, we ask each client a number of important questions…

  • What is the purpose of the survey?
  • Are there specific features that you would like picking up?
  • Are there particular stakeholders that we need to consider or liaise with?
  • Would you like us to use our standard drawing layout or your own?
  • Would you like us to use a specific layering system?
  • Do you have a code list unique to your company or project?
  • Do you have specific line types that you would like us to use?

Before starting on site we take the time to develop a properly defined survey specification along with realistic timescales for delivery. Should a staggered delivery be required we can work with you to provide critical data at key points throughout your project.

  Key benefits

  •   Plot the position of existing features (both man made and natural) on, above or below the Earth’s surface
  •   Calculate distances, measurements, angles, areas and volumes
  •   Produce detailed, highly accurate plans to educate the planning, design and construction processes
  •   Assess the configuration of an area of land, physically, naturally and culturally
  •   Help determine the value of a piece of land


From remotely operated survey drones and 3D laser scanners to robotic total stations and GPS receivers, our project managers carefully select the ideal tools to collect your survey data in the most accurate and cost-effective way possible.

Whilst the majority of topographic surveys can be carried out using more conventional survey equipment, many projects can be completed quicker and more efficiently by using either 3D laser scanning or cutting edge survey drone technology.

Large jobs that would once have taken weeks can now be completed in a fraction of the time. Using the latest techniques, what would once have taken a week of on-site data collection can frequently be completed in just one day. Not only does this mean dramatically improved delivery times, it also means reduced risk to survey teams, especially in safety critical environments.

Regardless of the equipment used, our survey teams exercise best practice at all stages of the project. Operating with professionalism, courtesy and respect for the public and other stakeholders.


With fieldwork completed and results checked, all data is transmitted to our head office where our highly experienced processing teams begin turning it into a series of precision drawings. From DWG and PDF to MOSS, Genio and three-dimensional BIM models, surveys can be provided in any file type and in both digital and hard-copy forms.

  Key software

  • AutoDesk AutoCAD 2018
  • Bentley Microstation
  • Revit
  • Recap
  • Pointools
  • LSS
  • Terramodel
  • FARO Scene

As one of the UK’s leading surveying firms it’s no wonder that we’ve developed our own line types, code lists and layering systems. That said, all deliverables can be fully customised to suit the requirements of each client, project or site. What’s more, unlike the majority of firms, our multi-disciplinary setup allows the results of any utility mapping, ecological or geotechnical work to be added to what then becomes a truly integrated deliverable.

Whilst all surveys are ultimately processed by our CAD team, we believe that our surveyors should have a thorough grounding in how their data is manipulated. By understanding the CAD/BIM process a greater synergy is achieved between field and office staff with the end result being a swift, efficient turnaround for the client.

Quality, safety and the environment

With up to 100 operatives and a constant presence within the UK’s construction, civils and rail sectors, there’s nothing more important to us than the health and safety of our employees, the public and the environmental impact of our activities.

Our ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and OHSAS 18001 Health and Safety Management System form the core of our business around which all of our activities revolve.

Get in touch

Whether you’d like a quote, more information on our topographical survey services or would like to discuss a specific project, we’d love to hear from you.

Please get in touch using the quick enquiry form below or by calling 03450 600 700.


Working at the forefront of the nation’s measurement industry, we’re constantly investing in new equipment, software and vehicles to make our survey teams amongst the best equipped, trained and responsive in the UK.

Our topographic survey fleet includes everything from cutting-edge aerial drones, robotic total stations, GPS receivers and 3D laser scanners to the very latest in data processing, modelling and manipulation software.

  • Trimble S6, S7, S8 and S9 1″ fully robotic total stations (or Leica where required)
  • Trimble TSC2 and TSC3 loggers
  • The very latest genuine accessories including the Trimble 360° Active MultiTrack target
  • Trimble R8 GNSS / GPS receivers
  • FARO Focus 3D laser scanners
  • Touchscreen field computers with mobile telecoms


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