Holder of the Network Rail Principal Contractor’s Licence, The XRAIL Group provides a comprehensive range of technical railway engineering services to the nation’s rail contractors.

All services relate to the track renewals process, from the initial surveys, track design, the track formation dig and setting-out of track elements, to the tamping, rail stressing and track hand-back.

Whether your project requires handback engineers to monitor and verify conformity to Network Rail standards, tamping specialists to survey and perform comparative analyses, the production of ALC files for tamping machines or stressing engineers to calculate, supervise and sign off on the pull, The XRAIL Group is able to provide highly qualified staff at short notice.

Track design

Permanent way design engineers (InRail/Clearoute proficient) can produce rail designs from a varied source of survey data. 3D Total Station data or Hallade, Level and Theodolite straight data can be used to produce designs to all specifications.

Rail stressing

  • Survey of site to collect relevant dimensions
  • Production of ‘Stressing Plans’ to be signed off by Network Rail Engineer
  • Supply of Operative, qualified to Level 3A, to mark out site, calculate and supervise ‘pull’ and collect all relevant data for completion and signing of stressing certificate


  • Survey of track geometry and production of Survey/Design comparative analysis
  • Mark out track geometry changes and other relevant info on the site in preparation for the tamp during possession
  • Production of ALC files for Plasser Theurer Tampers
  • Supervision of Tamp followed by subsequent ‘as left’ surveys

Track handback

Operatives can be supplied to inspect, monitor and verify conformity to standards following track renewals or any other works which may disturb the track. For your assurance The XRAIL Group operatives are qualified from Trackback Levels 1 to 4.

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