Working at the forefront of the utilities sector, The XRAIL Group locates, surveys and installs services, delivering value and proving much needed data to inform construction.

We work hand in hand with leading utilities firms, construction, railway and civils contractors, locating, surveying and installing services throughout the UK’s built and rural environments.

From sourcing statutory undertakers’ plans and producing composite CAD drawings to scanning for buried services before exposing them via vacuum excavation, we use cutting edge utility technology to locate, map and document buried services, safeguarding lives in the process.

The services we offer to the utilities sector aren’t limited to the location, mapping and exposure of services either. We deliver a range of specialist measurement, monitoring and investigative services that help our clients develop, maintain and safeguard their infrastructures and the communities in which they work.

Our utilities specialists work across a range of sectors for a broad selection of clients. From major utilities providers and telecoms firms to primary rail contractors and house builders, our services inform the construction process, maximise confidence and productivity and help to eliminate risk to personnel, property and the wider public.

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