Bridge Renewal at Bonhill Road in Scotland

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Published: 31st July 2019

This Case Study was Written by: Munir Patel - XRAIL Group

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  AMCO Giffen   October 2018
  AMCO Giffen
  October 2018

XRAIL was required to plan, manage and deliver the Signalling Installation for the associated bridge renewal at Bonhill Road, Dumbarton, Scotland.

The scope consisted of the disconnection, re-instatement and testing of the signalling equipment in and around the bridge renewal. XRAIL also undertook temporary works throughout the worksite prior to welding and handing back to Operations (Signaller).

Below is the list of documents / equipment and testing undertaken for this project:


  • Maintenance Test Plan List
  • Forms A – G
  • SMTH Log Slip
  • Toolbox talks
  • Dynamic Risk Assessments
  • Site reports

Equipment which was disconnected, re-instated and tested:

  • DC Track Circuits
  • TPWS
  • Clamplock Points
  • Stanchion Bonds
  • Lift and shift of Lineside cables
  • Temporary bonding for welding cover

Cabling included:

  • 5 Single Core
  • Track connections to AR69 Cembre track fittings.

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