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Published: 20th September 2019

This Case Study was Written by: Munir Patel - XRAIL Group


  Vital Projects, AMCO Giffen & QTS   2017 - Ongoin
  Vital Projects, AMCO Giffen & QTS
  2017 - Ongoin

Since 2017 XRAIL has been working for a number of clients; Vital Projects, AMCO Giffen and QTS, on the CP5 Renewals in Scotland.

XRAIL’s scope of its bids required to:

  • Track renewals, Cable Diversions, Cable Watch Absolute Block Interlocking
  • Bowling station (west end of station on old crossing) moving of points heating location and telecoms location to enable replacement of culvert. Temp move of 3 metres then new base installed and locations returned to original positions and tested [this job was for AMCO].

This project is still ongoing.

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